Gargoyles Modelsheet

Not much work to make the female version of this too, so why not? One of these days I will stop obsessing over wither or not the models are 100% quads on the base mesh.. anyway.
Updated: work in progress model.

Goliath character from Gargoyles has some cool rigging challenges. I'm not sure how far I will get with this project, but drawing a modelsheet is a start...

Original Character design by Greg Weisman, Buena Visita.


Yosemite Sketch book


Cave Troll Turn-around

This is a model I did, inspired by the Lord of the Rings Cave Troll by Weta Digital.


Lighting studies and animation test in maya

Lighting studies in maya

Lift animation and texture by cmarsArtist. "Major Power Rig" by Gnomon


More Yosemite

These are some panorama photos from a recent trip to yosemite. I composited them in photoshop, from about 11 shots.



I'm always told its good to include a human for scale, in visual development work. Just to how big is "El Capitan" rock face in Yosemite Valley , California? See if you can spot the rock climbers in this inset shot . You will need to zoom in. Hint: look for the climbers' human shadows.

Yosemite Trip

Update: I painted in the missing trees at the top, and fixed the edge seam.

Some rough cuts of some panoramic photos I took on my recent trip to Yosemite. If I find time I will take out the seams. I'm told there is software that can also do this automatically, but all I'm using is photoshop. I had issues with the yosemite falls swinging bridge photo because I had the camera on auto exposure which means I had to manually match the difference in exposure for the photos. I've gained new appreciation for how much the eye automatically adjusts for contrast, its one of the reasons that the values always much more visually appealing in artwork compared to straight photography. It is also one of the reasons ala prima painters insist on painting on location.


Troll Facial Muscle Test

This is a mocap rigging demo I did from a tutorial in the art of rigging 3 by CGItoolkit.com. I formated the human facial structure to my own model of a the Lord of the Rings "Cave Troll". The animation is provided by motion analysis. http://www.youtube.com/user/cmarsArtist

more speed paint

Speed Paint from beautiful photo reference taken by Ron Carpel in Utah.


more practice painting

Painting and reference photo